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Self storage businesses lease a variety of unit sizes to residential and business customers, known as tenants. Popular unit sizes are 5’x10′, which is about the size of a large walk-in closet, this units are commonly called Mini Self Storage Units, 10’x10′ (the size of a child’s bedroom), 10’x20′ (one-car garage), 15’x20′ and 20’x20′ (two-car garage). The self storage units are typically windowless, walled with corrugated metal, and lockable by the renter. Each unit is usually accessed by opening a roll-up metal door, which is usually about the same size as a one-car garage door. A controlled access facility may employ security guards, surveillance cameras, individual unit door alarms and some kind of electronic gate access. A few facilities even use biometric thumbprint or hand scanners to ensure that access is granted only to those that rent.

Storage space in London can be very expensive so you’ll need to shop around for the cheapest self storage deal. Common self storage units come in a variety of shapes sizes and finishes. Depending on what you are storing there are storing solutions for all of your needs.

Things to do before storing your goods into your units:

  • Make a list of all the packing supplies you will need. Such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, marking pens, damp rid, rope, and pallets.
  • Visit the facility or if possible the actual self storage units that you want to store your items. Take a list of what you are going to be storing so that the manager can help you determine the correct size for your needs.
  • Schedule your mover 30-45 days in advance.
  • Be sure to read the lease before signing it. Make sure you are aware of company policies on moving out, paying the rent and other important information.
  • If you are using a moving company, find out what size truck they will be using. This is valuable in determining if your unit will be accessible to that truck. Most moving companies charge more the farther they have to carry your things.

Storage space London

Storage companies will generally provide an estimate of the cost of renting self storage units, by request. Before accepting your goods for storage, the storage company must provide you with a written estimate which is usually free of charge, although in some areas a maximum nominal fee can be applied. It is important to stress that the choice of company should not be based solely on price. Remember the cheapest estimate may have the worst service and the last thing you need is to take your important business documents or home furnishings out of storage after a period of time and find they have been damaged due to poor service. The estimate a warehouse will give you differs from an estimate a mover can give you in the sense that no extra charges can be applied without being agreed to by the customer []

Self storage containers are also available; in standard sizes of 20 foot and 40 foot. The price is determined by the market and depends on the following factors: age, type, condition, quantity ordered, modifications and cost of transport.


Self storage containers can be placed on a piece of industrial land at a far lower cost and less regulatory hassle than permanent buildings. This makes a very competitive mini storage which yields excellent returns and later can easily be moved should the owner decide to convert the land to another use. Many mini storage owners prefer new self storage containers since their actual market depreciation rate is approximately 5% per year. Some personal storage operators prefer new 20ft self storage containers with doors in each end and a center dividing wall to form two 8ftx10ft cubicles. 40ft self storage containers can be fitted with roll up doors along the side and wall dividers to make five 8ft mini storage units.


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