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Storage companies will generally provide an estimate of the cost of renting self storage units, by request. Before accepting your goods for storage, the storage company must provide you with a written estimate which is usually free of charge, although in some areas a maximum nominal fee can be applied. It is important to stress that the choice of company should not be based solely on price. You may think the cheapest self storage would have the worst service but that most definitely isn’t the case and many facilities can offer great deals simply because they are not in city centre locations. So it’s worth checking out all the options. The estimate a warehouse will give you differs from an estimate a mover can give you in the sense that no extra charges can be applied without being agreed to by the customer []

Self storage not only works extremely well for your average individual or family but can also be an ideal solution for small businesses . As the self storage industry has evolved, so has its range of services, which can be utilized by business users to help them operate more cost-effectively. Many assume that the only business use a self storage facility can offer is storage… the reality is that many are now offering a complete range of services such as mail-boxes, office facilities, showers and coffee/meeting rooms that can help any business on a daily basis. Some self storage facilities even specialize solely for commercial use with purpose built storage units to meet every business need.

Self Storage Prices

Storage unit prices vary from company to company so it is important to know how to find the best deal on a unit. Barrelroll, an eHow Member writter has some step by step tips about finding good price self storage London, here is a brief of them…

  • Decide on how much space you need in your storage unit. Also be sure to determine how much you are willing to spend.
  • Conduct a search online for storage units prices. Price shop to compare the best deals for units in your area.
  • Head down to a few local storage companies in your area. Inquire as to how much unit for the amount of space you need will cost.
  • Consider downsizing the amount of storage you need. This will save you money considering that bigger storage units cost more money than smaller units.

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While price is important when looking for self storage units, finding cheap storage units should not be your top priority. You must always make sure that you rent space is from reputable and high quality self storage facilities, that offers you complete secure systems so nodoby else can get access to your unit, also depending on your items to be stored, probably you will need storage units that offer protection against wheater threaths, humidy, pests and others.

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